As required by law, we deliver a Privacy Notice to all of our clients upon establishing a relationship with them and annually thereafter, in order to inform our clients how we use the information we gather from them.

When performing services for clients, we may collect non-public personal

information such as:

Information received in conversations, discussions and interviews.

Information delivered or prepared in writing.

Information prepared and delivered by third parties on a client’s behalf.

It is our policy not to disclose any non-public personal information about any client

except as detailed in this policy.

Disclosures which may be permitted may include the following:

Instances where a client has authorized us to work with service providers

such as attorneys, accountants, and other investment advisors.

Instances where a client has authorized us to disclose information to third
            parties that assist in processing client transactions or in servicing client
            accounts. This may include sharing of information with Triad Advisors, a
            broker-dealer with whom some of our employees are affiliated, sharing with
            with National Financial Services (a division of Fidelity Investment), who we
            use as a custodian, and or sharing with other broker-dealers, custodians, etc.  

Instances in which we are required by law.

We take our responsibility to protect the privacy of our clients and their

information very seriously. In addition to this privacy policy, we maintain

physical, electronic, procedural and other safeguards in order to protect all client

information. Clients may opt out of from our sharing of information with non-affiliated
parties by notifying us by telephone, mail, fax, email, or in person.

If you have any questions about our practices, or more specifically about our

privacy policy, please contact us at (314) 997-1652 1 (888) 997-1652 and we will be happy
to give
you additional details.